Untitled Restock!

Available again in the standard blue, white and black. There are some door swapped options in the online store. Additional colored, wood and more door & button LE options in the works!

The Untitled Sqwonk has everything to the Sqwonk made by me in house with performance and cost in mind. As simple as putting a bottle in can be getting a good bottle when I don’t make them took some searching. What I feel lucky to have found is a nice 7ml silicon bottle with a super soft feel. My intention where not to create another hard to afford device but to provide everyday performance in a device that can take it.

The result of my first box has all copper conductive parts. A performance 510 assembly of my own design with a Peek insulator, high temp o-ring seal and a SS feed tube to keep the juice tasting right. I didn’t cut any corners with an empty box because that would be taking the fun out of this for me. I took a little space give everything its own home and inlaying the trigger plate. Cut-outs for both removing the battery and adjusting you contact for attachments. Magnetic doors with holes front and back to close it up because I like being able to squeeze the bottle and not push it.

I  hope you appreciate the work and intent to provide a worthy device. LE option details are in the works and look I forward to what’s to come.

Thank you,

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