Untitled Colors

[COLORS] The best of times and the worst of times…Eveyone loves colors, well I am learning that can be expensive. I am being told that black, white and the occasional shades of blue are going to be the most likely in stock and more black and white than anything. I will be on the look out for other materials and any deals I can get off the rem rack but to manage the base price this product line will be made with affordable material options.

I will be working on more limited doors, buttons and even frame that will be priced as available. I am also encouraging some other mod craftsmen I have met to help out in providing unique options. As I can corner them into doing it I will have more information.

For this first small batch that is become a lot of informative work, this is all the color there is and all of them. There are more available in all black which I am feeling is going to be a popular color to start with.

Colors and LE options will have some growing pains but I look forward to seeing what comes from it.

Be sure to check out, The Untitled Dominus Mods Sqwonk Box blog for some of the in’s and out’s.

For an Untitled Box its easy to make up names