Hello and welcome to DominusMods.com, the Dominus Mods online location for products, support and event news. My name is David Baird and I am the hands behind the Dominus Mods name but I owe the social success to the great support of so many in the vape community.

Due to some technical difficulties I have been forced to redo dominusmods.com and I hope to use the opportunity to re-work the site into a more up to date and informative location for existing and new product releases as well as product support, community events and news.

Rebuilding the site may take some time as an additional task for me, so feel free to leave comments below for any information I have not yet restored. I would also like to return the valued support by providing additional information on the site regarding events and news Dominus Mods users are up to. Leave a comment with enough time and Ill do my best to help get the word out.

Thank you

photo: Vaperev

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