The Untitled Dominus Mods Sqwonk Box

Hello all, pardon my picture show but I want to go over a few of the details to the first batch of my latest product. For now I will just call it, The Untitled Dominus Mods Sqwonk Box..I probably should start with my choice of spelling, imitation is the greatest form of flattery is what I was told. I spell it Sqwonk because it sounds like Wonka to me and it looks more appropriate as apposed to trying to correctly spell it, Thanks Mr. Wonka. And the name, Untitled Sqwonk Box because I’m not in the mind set to come up with a name and apparently I’m not the only one! Thanks Action Bronson.

Now lets get into the box so you have some idea of what your getting…

Look its all apart so you don’t need to take it apart when you get it. I’ve labeled the internal parts so when you do have a question we are talking about the same things, pet peeve. Seems pretty self explanatory this way also. As you can see I have made as much as I can with what I have to work with. I will note that I have pressed in a SS feed tube into the copper contact to prevent any internal copper tarnish.

First part of assembly was the 510 base and contact plate. Shown here (above) is how I have been holding the 510 and parts together to get the 510 nut started.

While firmly holding the parts in position I am using a 15mm wrench to tighten the nut. I did not key these parts (to save machining time) but I have not found there to be a problem getting them to properly tighten in place.

With the 510 assembled I have started the contact into the insulator. Here I am going to stop and explain the contact and contact nut intention. When time to attach or remove your rda I strongly recommend these steps. First, to attach your rda make sure to have the contact backed out for enough to allow the attachment to fully seat against the device. Once the rda is screwed in you can screw in the contact until it is fully seated against the rda. The seal will create some resistance and make sure the contact nut does not contact the insulator yet. (seal shown below)Once the contact has stopped turning you can test it to make sure. With it working you can use the contact nut as a jam nut against the insulator to maintain a solid contact. To remove your rda reverse the process. If you would like to prevent the device from firing you can back off the contact from the rda and use the nut to prevent it from moving or simply remove the battery, discussed later.

Finally the button and trigger plate.

Trigger plate slides in its machined groove and is bent to be lightly touching the button and holding it in place. Removing the trigger plate can be done by pushing it out from the back. It will need to come out straight or slightly rocked if you didn’t start off so straight.

Speaking of keeping things straight during install, the battery must be kept straight while putting it in. There are some size variations in battery brands and keeping things cost effectively simple Ive gone with my educated guess  and some flexibility if needed. So far although snug on some, I have already seen I few different batteries fit. I am sure with use the tension will adjust itself to be a secure battery fit. If you do feel the need to loosen up the battery fit I have left some room under the trigger plate battery contact. It will require some force to move but it should not require much movement as the batteries are usually not that much different in my experience, just enough to make it tough if you do nothing for it. My suggestion is work on putting the battery in straight before you do anything if you are having any trouble. Most likely its just snug to start.

The ever so picky, bottle… Yes Yes.. It is silicone, 7ml, and they are really nice compared to the one a friend gave me out of another he bought for a lot more money haha! These are a purchased bottle and they have a nice little M logo on them, maybe the name of this box should start with an M? Makes things easy! So yeah, I know it there. That’s what you can do when you aren’t on a budget that requires you to do everything yourself… Boar on a bottle dreams.

And to close it all up a nice game of which door goes where.. Hole over the bottle, good luck with that. When you put the doors on backwards just think I’m doing it to and hear Homer Simpson every time, Douh. I see I could have made the doors fall off if on wrong. I actually worked at making them always stick, in most cases this would be great. in this case, perfectly imperfect, so it stays as is.

And speaking of what some call imperfections..Its been hard to see in most pics because they are very light but these are machined boxes and there are light machining marks on them. In some places or angles they are move visible. I feel most of will wear off and some of you will figure out how to polish up. But in keeping with intent, I believe the performance, durability, function and their machine finish make this an excellent daily device.

You read all that… be sure and click the link at the bottom to pick one up. Don’t forget to check out the blog I put together on the few colors I was able to find for this batch. Don’t even get me started about material, this whole thing is going to have a bit of a learning curve.

Thanks for reading

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