The Stab Series!!!

Welcome to the Dominus Stab Series, a unique collection of the “Untitled Sqwonk” made out of distinct stabilized wood blocks.




Please have a peek inside..

The goal is to work with different block makers, who all have different methods and styles when in the process of creating their art. So for our beloved Dominus Family, every Stab-Sqwonk that is released will be unique to its own block.  Of course when it comes to the Dominus Name we do not back down from providing the perfect all day vape, along with top performance.

Oh Look!

If you would like more details and want to check out the backstory, Please Click this Link “Untitled Sqwonk”


Click Here To Check Out What Stab-Wood Creations Are Available

No Two Will Be The Same…

Thank You!