Got Sleeves…?

Never done before.. Changeable sleeves on a tube mod!! Ok so Ive never done them before! Ive never had much of a problem with copper tarnish or dirty hands from it but I know it can be an issue.  I don’t intend to be a sleeve maker so I did make them compatible with the AV mods because of the qty of them and independent sleeve makers that are for them.

To accept the sleeve I went with a 2 piece tube that screws together to hold the sleeve. This may allow for some variance in sleeve size as long as it stays within the range of the battery contact.

For the sleeve I have used black Acetal and engraved the Dominus Mods Boar on 2 sides. I feel its a very clean and durable option but I do look forward to seeing the other sleeves available on them.

Still the reminder engraved on top and the boar with run 3 markings on the bottom. For run 3 I am trying to break up the tube options to release more product variance. So its not to say that I will make more than the 10 available but I did not number them incase I do.

A couple of cautions while using the 2 piece tube, 1st do not drop the individual pieces. 2nd, do not separate the sleeve tube sections to access the battery. Make sure to remove the bottom cap to change your battery for product safety.