Get Stacked..!

Finally finally, I know… So I went further than just an extension tube.Sleeved stacked extension battery tubes for the 24mm Dominus. Instead of just a extension I thought it would nice to get to run some of the sleeves ive seen over the years. I am not trying to get into being a sleeve maker, its a craft of its own. I have made a few sleeve options if you need them.

The 3 sleeve options I have available and made from black Acetal are, smooth, 2 rings and fluted. By recommendation they are also compatible with AV sleeves.

The stacked extension tube is 2 piece using compression to hold the sleeve.

Sleeved tubes are new to me but with some in use there has been complaints. There are some cautions, 1st be very careful to not drop the individual tube sections as 3 of the ends are very vulnerable to damaging. 2nd, do not separate the tube sections to install the battery because you can over tighten the tube sections to the mod if done repeatedly. It is better to remove the bottom cap or separate the whole tube sections to access the batteries. I do supply a gold plated spacer magnet but it is not always necessary, advanced users only!

Please vape within your ability and understanding.

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