Everlasting RSA

It’s time for something new again! Because squonking is such a different style of vaping, I felt the need for a different style of atomizer. What a pleasurable difference its been.




Going into the design fairly blind I only knew I wanted to accomplish a concept and more importantly have the ability to make the parts with what I have to work with.

Post have been a challenge since the beginning. Holes get bigger, builds get bigger.. So I beef them up with 5-40 screw and made them shorter, the shortest yet. The holes are punched out to a slotted 2.5mm to fit the bigger builds… which turns out to not be for squonking, ugh. Regardless I will put them to good use soon enough.

For the airflow I wanted the vents to give the least likelihood of it spilling out when re-wicking, airflow control and still provide a bottom airflow flavor.

The Deck has my clever twist on a well for once and I still maintained the performance advantage of the post, deck and 510 thread from one piece. Old habits die hard so there is still a copper post but for me its the negative side now. From experience any copper helps performance and I don’t mind it but an ss or brass option is possible.

I did go with the Peek material for insulator and an ss contact bolt because it also acts as the feed tube for juice.

To provide the bottom airflow from the top there has been a slight compromise on chamber size. The further I had gotten into making this the more concerned I got from the difference I could see the results being.

Keeping an open mind I stuck to making the parts to finish and test the design. Not surprised that there is a difference from my last rda which I attempted to provide the most bottom airflow I could, but I have been surprised that I haven’t put it down.

The instant feed back has been different from the few who have gotten one but it seems to be growing on all of them. (*George has a tooth ache so he is not included in the survey yet.)

If you think you are looking for an rda with open airflow to run your biggest builds in for squonking, this isn’t it. I feel this RSA “squonk intended atomizer” has a great full flavor, smooth draw and quite an intense nic delivery which has kept me satisfied with higher ohm builds.

So I welcome those new to Dominus Mods for this squonk style atomizer and applaud those that are open to using new things the way they are intended.

For those that are just disappointed at the thought, wait a few weeks… the deck is universal to me!

Ready for something new!!?


To be one of the 25 to test out my prototype run of the Everlasting RSA’s.

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler.           Albert Einstein