Classic Dominus

Classic, Classy and time perfected. The Dominus finally available with it classic design with matching Lochaber rda.

Photo: Andy Victorine



The latest release of the Dominus in its classic design brings me a sense of accomplishment and pride. To be able to make the version of the Dominus I had pushed for so long, to now see what it has become today, it brings me the most pride to have seen it thru. Show on the bottom, The Dominus 2013 and now at the end of 2016, above, The Dominus in Copper and Naval Brass.

Although similar in design the 2016 Dominus has evolved with the industry demands and surpassed other designs of its kind. Completely resigning of the bottom post and button while maintaining the original design envelope has proven the design to be timeless and of my own. Now available in copper I have found a performance improvement in voltage drop from a .34v as released in 2013 and below a .08v as released in 2016 with all Copper.

Get your Classic Dominus in all 145 Copper, Now

Also in this limited run in the Classic Dominus design, I have again used Naval Brass for the improved performance over SS or brass and the tarnish resistance over copper. As with all product runs supplies are limited but in rotation.

Get your Classic Dominus in all 464 Naval Brass, Now



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